Stealing Spree: Perfume bandits caught on tape cleaning out the Ultra Store


A bizarre theft going down in the burbs is caught on tape and only 19 Action News got our hands on the video. It shows the crooks going after high-end perfume.

The perfume bandits can be seen shoving dozens and dozens of bottles down their underpants. 

One --two then three. They are all together, not on a shopping spree, but a stealing binge.

The perfume punks are stinking up the place by shoving several bottles down their pants. This is disturbing video to independent store owners in the area. Who see this type of thing as a big problem.

"As an independent owner we try to keep everyone in the loop," said Thresa Medina.

Thresa Medina sells hoops and bracelets. She says she has seen folks try and lift her small items. And while she has a rule for teens, only two in the store at one time, she says it's hard keeping an eye on sticky fingers. But it's even harder in the larger stores.

"You do engage yourself more with the customer. You follow them around, not stalking them, but you cant stand behind the cash register. You have to walk the store," said Thresa Medina.

At the time of this robbery cops say there was no one walking the store but they did have big brother catching the terrible trio stuffing their pants with Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy, Clinique and so much more.

Let's hope cops can pickup the stinky scent of stealing.


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