Former Jimmy Dimora sidekick teaching Cuyahoga County Employee ethics course

Some Cuyahoga County employees are not too happy about the ethics training course they have to attend, and it has nothing to do with the subject matter.

Workers are upset about who their course instructor will be.

19 Action News has learned several Cuyahoga County Sheriff Detectives were so upset that they walked out of Wednesday's session. This, after walking into class and seeing that the man leading their ethics session is a former Jimmy Dimora operative named Pat Smock.

Pat Smock was former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora's campaign treasurer. He kept track of things like donations Dimora received and gifts Dimora vaguely listed on ethics reports and defended to the public.

Former Administrator Jim McCafferty spoke of his classroom session saying only "If he wants to do it on his own free time obviously he has that right to do it."

Smock was a go between for Dimora in dealings with contractors on the Juvenile Justice Center, with funding for Alternatives Agency, and in making contact with other elected officials to place his favored people in jobs

At this time, Smock has not been charged with any crime in the county corruption investigation but 19 Action News has heard his name before.  When County Commissioners were voted out, Jimmy engineered Smock's move to the County Administrators Office.  A classified job in which Smock couldn't be fired from.

Smock is now with Human Services.  That's what brought him here to the Sheriff's Department for the ethic's session.  Detectives recognized him, reported what was going on to Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid.

Sheriff Reid blew his stack and wisely demanded someone else train his people Thursday, July 28th.

What kind of message does this type of thing send?  So far, no comment from the County Executive Office or the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department.

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