MetroHealth Medical Center dishes out $500K for another consultant

MetroHealth Medical Center just hired another top dollar consultant for more than $500K.

This, after hiring a first consultant for a whopping $240K for six months of work.

MetroHealth Medical Center does a lot of good in Northeast Ohio by saving lives every day, but you have to wonder about their latest decision to pay consultant Jeff Rooney of Martinville Dunn $576K a year.

Rooney is filling in for former CFO Sharon Kelley who just resigned. She walked away with six months pay equaling $220K.

Metro is also paying Kohler Health Care Consultant Stephany Neel big bucks, more than double the salary of person she's replaced.

Both consultants are flown in Florida and Chicago to work at Metro, all of it from a hospital that received $36 million from taxpayers last year.

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald has already asked Metro to place consultant hiring out for open bids, but MetroHealth CEO Mark Moran isn't listening and consultant Jeff Rooney was hand picked.

Moran not willing to answers sought by 19 Action News either, and why should he? He is taking tax payers for $700K a year in salary and bonuses.

In 2009, Metro gave 270 employees their walking papers. Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? When will the county do something about it?

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