Editorial: Feedback

Well every time we air one of our editorials we ask you, the audience, to write and let us know what you think. And you do.

Recently, I talked about Dennis Kucinich shopping for a new place to live.  And Chris from Euclid wrote to say, "I think Dennis should have gone out with the bell-bottom pants and Jimmy Carter." Casey from Akron wrote, "Dennis moving to Washington State is the best thing for the country." But Joe from Strongsville said, "I believe Dennis speaks for the people and I would vote for him again in a minute."

Well, we got a lot of responses about the firing of Jim Tressel from OSU. Jason from Willoughby wrote to say, "The duty of a University is to educate young people, not serve as a training ground for professional sports." And Gary from Elyria wrote, "These kids need to take their education seriously. Tell them to quit whining and just get an education." All right.

Well, thanks again for sharing your opinions with us. And as always, write and let us know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate. 

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