Officers involved in Friday night's deadly shooting identified

Iluminado Lopez
Iluminado Lopez

The names of the five Cleveland Police officers who shot and killed a man swinging a machete in the 3100 block of W. 52nd St. Friday night have been released.

The officers, all part of the 2nd District are David Schramm, 10 years on the force, Amy Milner, 9 years on the force, Amy Carraway, 3 years on the force, Donato Daugenti, 10 years on the force, and Michael Tankersley, 11 years on the force.

They've all been put on administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

On Friday, police were called about a male smashing car windows out with a baseball bat. When officers arrived on scene, they found 44-year-old Iluminado Lopez in the street with a machete.

Lopez refused to drop the weapon, so Cleveland Police tased him twice.  Officers say Lopez then approached the officers in a threatening manner with the machete and that's when he was shot several times by officers.

Several family members were arrested for interfering with police after the shooting.

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