Sentencing phase for serial killer Anthony Sowell begins Monday

The sentencing phase of serial killer Anthony Sowell's trial gets underway Monday.

19 Action News has learned you'll pay even more money for his already very expensive trial.

The Cleveland Strangler case has cost taxpayers a record amount of money and Judge Dick Ambrose just approved more for experts who are already getting big bucks.

Anthony Sowell is responsible for the deaths of 11 Northeast Ohio women, their bodies were discovered at his home on Imperial Avenue in Cleveland, OH.

Defense attorneys paid big bucks to bring in mental health doctors and experts to try and keep him off of death row.

Now, Judge Ambrose just ruled the health experts will get paid for time in court, the expenses of attending trial and for their time to review the reports of experts from the other side.

All that money is coming out of taxpayer pockets.

The cost of the case months ago had already came close to $600,000 bucks.

So when does it stop? There's no end in sight as of now.