Serial killer cries as psychiatrist describes his dysfunctional childhood

The death penalty and sentencing phase of the Anthony Sowell trial is now underway.

Jurors convicted Sowell of mass murder last month. The 51-year-old was found guilty of murdering eleven women and burying their bodies in and around his Imperial Avenue home in Cleveland.

Sowell's attorney, John Parker, confirmed that the serial killer will testify on his own behalf in an effort to be spared the death penalty.

The first witness on the stand was Dr. Dale Watson, a psychologist. He requested to not be filmed, despite being paid by taxpayers.

Dr. Watson says Sowell has left and right brain dysfunction. He then described Sowell's dysfunctional childhood, at which point Sowell became emotional. The serial killer was seen wiping tears from his face when the doctor said Sowell did not have "one friend" as a youngster.

During one session, Dr. Watson said Sowell told him that the voice he heard in his head had a name. He called it "Marty."

During the mitigation phase of the trial, the defense is expected to call up to 28 witnesses. The witnesses will include family members and persons familiar with the defendant, as well as experts retained by defense counsel.

It is expected that the defendant's case will take 4-5 days to present. The state anticipates 2-3 witnesses in rebuttal.

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