How much taxpayer money is being used to keep Anthony Sowell alive?

Dr. Dale Watson testified about the voices Anthony Sowell heard in his head after his heart attack.

The prosecution is calling all of Dr. Waston's testimony his opinion as they refuse to label Sowell as crazy.

And now we're confronting that doctor about how much of "your" tax dollars he's collecting.

"Dr. Watson, Ed Gallek channel 19 the CBS station here. How much money are you getting from this case?"

"Sir, I have no comment," said Dr. Watson.

That guy spent hours talking in court but he wouldn't talk about what outrages so many of you. The fact that the experts are getting paid to defend Anthony Sowell.

"I testified my statements on the record. That's all I need to say," said Dr. Watson.

"I know but the question is the amount of money involved. That's been a big issue with taxpayers here so I'm just asking. It's public record so I can find out later but why won't you tell me," asked Reporter Ed Gallek. 

So what does he really know about Sowell killing 11 women?

Watson didn't even want a courtroom camera taking his picture.

"Why didn't you want anyone to see your face," asked Reporter Ed Gallek. "I'm wondering what are you ashamed of?"

Defense attorneys filed papers in secret asking the courts for money to pay guys like Dr. Watson. 

And the case is setting records for spending. In the ballpark of $600,000.

We'll find out when all the bills come in to the county. That's when that doctor and others will tell us what we want to know.


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