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AAAAI-American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
Adoption-General information from the Dave Thomas Foundation
Adoption -- SARS-The CDC, because of the recent SARS scare, has produced a list of tips for people who might be adopting a child from China.
ADOPTING ER-If you'd like to put your name in a hat for a chance to adopt ER, the dog featured on 19 Action News, call (440) 474-9099.
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION-Get information about the civil rights march being organized by the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action & Integration and Fight For Equality By Any Means Necessary.
Airline Tips-Click here to get airline tips for large passengers.
AIRPLANE PROTOCAL-Find out what you can and cannot bring onto an airplane.
AIRPORT AMBASSADORS-Interested volunteer applicants for the Hopkins Airport Ambassador Training Program should call Edith Maloney at (216) 265-6110 to schedule an interview.
AIRPORT DELAY COMPLAINT-The Inspector General's office is asking that anyone inconvenienced by travel problems with Comair or US Airways over the Christmas holiday contact them. Click the link to be taken to their site to file an official complaint.


Allergies -Better Homes & Gardens all about allergies
ALLERGY ACTION PLAN-Individualized Allergy Action Plan
American Cancer Society -Cancer online resource
Amtrak-For passenger information, call (800) 523-9101. what can be spelled out using just the letters in some of you favorite stars' names.
Anemia-Get information on the potentially fatal blood disease
Angina-Get information on the "Get Tough on Angina" educational forum!
Animal Adoption-Call (330) 453-2746 if you'd like to adopt special-needs pets.

ANIMAL PROTECTIVE LEAGUE -- ADOPTIONS-Click the link or call the Cleveland Animal Protective League at (216) 771-4615 for more adoption information.

ANIMALS-Click on the link for animal information from the Ohio Humane Education Association!
ANIMALS (ENDANGERED) is a Web site that is dedicated to educating the public about the plight of exotic and endangered animals in our society.
Anti-Terrorism-University of Findlay's Center for Terrorism Preparedness

AOL -- NO MORE CDS-Click here to find out about a group collecting those AOL CDs that you regularly get in the mail to send back to the company. ... If you want to spring for the postage and send the CDs back yourself, send them to:

  • Attention: Mailroom
    22000 AOL Way
    Dulles, Virginia 20166

If you would like to tell AOL directly to stop sending you CDs, you can call them at (800) 4-ONLINE.

Apartments-Enter "Messiest College Apartment Contest"
APL-Cleveland Animal Protective League -- call (216) 344-1353 ... fax (216) 771-2810 ... e-mail
ARMY-Click here to play's combat video game.
ATTORNEY GENERAL-Click the link to visit the official Web site of Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro.
AUCTION-Click here to go to the site where Ohio law enforcement auctions off items that they have seized. The money goes to buy various supplies for police departments.
Austin Powers in Goldmember-Bid on items seen in the movie!
AUTOBYTEL.COM SPEEDING PLEDGE-Click the link if you're interested in getting your community involved in the "Take the Pledge to Slow Down" campaign.
BABY GENIUSES-Click the link to find out more about the methods featured in the 19 Action News story "Baby Geniuses" that aired on 2/16/05.
BEACH MONITORING-Visit the Ohio Department of Health's beach monitoring Web site for the most recent bacteria test results.
Beach Vacation Guide -Thinking about a vacation this winter?
BENEFITS-Click here to determine whether older adults in Cuyahoga County are receiving all of the federal, state and county benefits that they are entitled to get.
Bicycle Recall-Dynacraft has issued a recall of their 24-inch Vertical XL2 mountain bicycles sold nationwide at Target stores. Click link for more information.
BID4ASSETS.COM-This is the site where Ohio law enforcement auctions off items that they have seized. The money goes to buy various supplies for police departments.
BIKE PARK-Click the link to find out more about Ray's MTB Indoor Park in Cleveland!
BILL COLLECTOR RULES-Consumers are protected from certain tactics sometimes used by bill collectors. Click the link to find out what your rights are.
BLOOD DONATIONS-Click link to go to the local Red Cross chapter's Web site to be directed to locations across northern Ohio where you can go to give the gift of life by donating blood.
BLOOD DRIVE-The Red Cross along with RTA is sponsoring the "Loop for Life" blood drive where bus riders who give can get free tickets or free lunch.


BMV-Click the link to check out Ohio's vehicle-equipment laws
Board of Health-Cuyahoga County Board of Health
BOSLEY SUPPORT WEB SITE-Click the link to go to a Web site supporting the effort to get Youngstown television news reporter Catherine Bosley back on the air.
BRAND NEW YOU DIET-Click the link to find out more about the General Mills "Brand New You" diet plan.
Brawny-Click here to place your vote on who should be the next Brawny man. A firefighter from Mentor is one of the finalists.
BREAST CANCER-Get more info about the Pony Express 2003 Riders and their effort to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
Breast Self-Exam-Get information about how to do the self-exam.
Breast Tumor Treatment-Get info on the new, virtually painless Visica treatment.
BRITNEY EXPERIENCE-Click the link to enter a contest that will shower the winner with gifts, including a backstage meet-and-greet in Boston with pop sensation Britney Spears!
BROKAW INCORPORATED-Call at (216) 685-4600 to find out how families of soldiers can send them a video free of charge!
Brunswick Flood-The phone number to call to report any damages is as follows: (330) 225-9144.

BUSING FOR STUDENTS-Cleveland students who have to ride RTA buses to go to school can call the special school district hotline at (216) 426-3984 or call RTA at (216) 621-9500 for information or click on one of the following Web site links:

CALL FOR ACTION-Consumers can empower themselves by consulting this free, international, nonprofit network of consumer hotlines.
CAMP FOR DOCTORS-Click here for more information about the summer camp for potential doctors held at Ohio State Medical Center.
CANADIAN PRESCRIPTION DRUGS-Click on the link for Internet discounts on prescription drugs in Canada. ... To get information on bus trips to Canada especially for seniors interested in buying cheaper prescription drugs, call the ERIE COUNTY SENIOR CENTER at (800) 701-3221.
Canteen-You can buy a camelbak canteen (similar to those used by the military) to stay hydrated.
Car Safety-Web site of organization that gathers information to help prevent heat-related accidents in vehicles involving children
Carfax-The only place to get a vehicle history report.
CASINO WINDSOR-Click link to get updates on the status of recently shut down slot machines at Casino Windsor.
CASKET FURNITURE-If you're interested in a way to make your furniture last a lifetime and beyond.
Cat Radio -Meow. It's an online radio station exclusively for cats!
CAVALIERS-Click the link to go to the official Web site of the Cleveland Cavaliers! There, you can find information about buying tickets for the 2003-04 season.
CAVALIERS TICKET OFFICE-Call (216) 420-2287 ... Because of ticket demand, phone lines will remain open for extended hours -- 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. (M-F), 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. (weekends).
CD LAWSUIT-Get more information about a class-action lawsuit against record companies that allegedly conspired to keep CD prices high.
CDC-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Census Bureau -United States Census Bureau
CEREBRAL PALSY-Click link to e-mail Lisa Marn, a Willowick woman with Cerebral Palsy who was featured on 19 Action News. She has the opportunity to get a helper dog, but needs to raise money. To help, you can make a donation to the Lisa Marn Special Needs Trust at any Charter One Bank and/or attend a spaghetti dinner on Sunday, April 25 from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Willowick.
CHARMING SHOPPES, INC.-Click the link to go to the Web site of the largest specialty retail apparel holding company in U.S. strip shopping centers. Their brands include Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug.
CHILD SAFETY SEAT-Click here to find out how you can check out the new child safety seat rating guide put together by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
CHILDREN'S GAMES-Click the link for more information about the International Children's Games being held in Cleveland. To get more info via telephone, call (216) 363-1444.
CHILI RECALL-Hormel has recalled the following chili products made on Nov. 24, 2003, all sold in 15-ounce cans: Stagg Chili; Steak House Reserve; Chili with Beans; and Hearty Beef with a Kick of Green Chilies. Click link or call (800) 611-9778 for more information.

Cholesterol links: for the smelliest dog breath in America!
CHRISTINA AGUILERA-Get more info about the Christina look-alike contest.
CHRISTMAS LIGHT DISPLAY-Click the link to check out the Komarnitsky family's online Christmas light display!
CHRISTMAS SONG FOR TROOPS-Click on the link to listen to the special Christmas song created by Steven Howell with help from students at James A. Garfield High School.
CHRYSLER MINIVAN RECALL-Chrysler is recalling its minivans because of an electrical problem that could cause the driver's-side airbag to fail.

CHURCH ROBBERY-Canton's Refuge of Hope Church was robbed of the toys it had recently wrapped up to give to poor children. To make a donation (toy or monetary) to the church, helping to make the holidays happier for the neediest kids, call (330) 456-3213. movies for FREE!
City of Cleveland Web site
CLEVELAND CAVALIERS-Click the link to go to the official Web site of the Cleveland Cavaliers! There, you can find information about buying tickets for the 2003-04 season.
CLEVELAND CLINIC-Click here for more information regarding a sleep study being conducted by the Cleveland Clinic.
Cleveland Evacuation Plans-Click here for more information about the city's evacuation plans. You could also call (216) 368-2408.
CLEVELAND GRAND PRIX-Click on the link for complete information about the Cleveland Grand Prix.


  • c/o Woods King
    1400 Bank One Center
    Cleveland, OH 44114

CLEVELAND STUDENTS BUSING-Cleveland students who have to ride RTA buses to go to school can call the special school district hotline at (216) 426-3984 or call RTA at (216) 621-9500 for information or click on one of the following Web site links:
Clothes-Learn how you could be part of a national project to help develop better fitting clothes.
C.O.P.S.-Ohio Concerns of Police Survivors Web site
COLLEGE FROM HOME-Click the link for more information about getting a college degree from an accredited school from the comfort of your own home.
COMPUTER RECYCLING-Click the link for computer recycling information from eBay.
CONCEALED WEAPONS LAW-Click the link to find out more about Ohio's new concealed weapons law. The information is from the state attorney general's office.
Connection To Care Hotline: (800) 707-8990-For low-income families to call to find out if they qualify for free medicine.
Consumer Product Safety Commission-New recalls


COOKBOOK-Call (330) 659-4161 to order the Regina Health Center Cookbook!
CORTISLIM-Find out more about the so-called diet pill Cortislim. Be warned, however, that the FTC says the company is making deceptive claims about its product.
COUNSELING FOR KIDS-Click link for Northcoast Conflict Solutions. They can help parents with ways to explain tragedies to their kids.
CRASH-TEST RESULTS-Is your vehicle safe? Click on the link to see the latest crash-test results from!
CRAYOLA-Click here to vote on which color(s) should retire and which new color(s) should be made.
Credit Card Anti-Fraud Group-Check to see if a thief is using your credit card!
CREDIT REPORT-Click the link to find out how you can get a free credit report ... or call toll-free at (877) 322-8228.