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Dance Dance Revolution-Web site devoted to DDR players across the country.
DANGEROUS DUST INFO-Click the link to go to California's Department of Toxic Substances Control to find out more about a potentially toxic chemical compound that might be in your home.
DANGEROUS TOYS-Click the link to be taken to the W.A.T.C.H. Web site. It stands for World Against Toys Causing Harm.
David Schwark-Get information about a fund-raiser to benefit David -- an athletic teen who was left as a quadriplegic after a diving accident. For more information, you could also call (216) 556-5566.
DAYCARE RECALLS-The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that some licensed daycare facilities could be using products for children that have been recalled. Click the link to get the information that every parent needs to know.
DEAD SEA SCROLLS-Click link to get info about the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the John S. Knight Center in Akron from March 16 until April 18. You can purchase tickets on the Web site or by going to any FirstMerit Bank office or by calling (888) 362-4253.
DEATH CALCULATOR-Click the link to take a quiz that determines your life expectancy, and gives tips on how to make it longer.
DEBT CONTROL-Find out ways to get your debt under control.
DECK DANGERS-Click the link to view a warning from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that the wood from which your deck is made could be laced with arsenic.
DEER NAME IDEAS-Click the link to e-mail name ideas for the deer lawn ornament at the Oberlin Heritage Center. The deadline in January 31, 2005.
Democratic National Committee-Official Democratic Web site
DENNIS KUCINICH FOR PRESIDENT-Find out more about U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.
DEPRESSION STUDY-For more information about the family depression study mentioned on 19 Action News, or to see if you qualify, call (210) 567-0780. The study requires four visits, including a brain scan, an interview, a physical and some lab work.
DIET PLAN-Click link for more information about TOPS Club Inc. -- the world's oldest major weight-reducing organization. The TOPS system was featured on 19 Action News in January. You can also contact TOPS by calling (888) 932-7360.
DISASTER LOAN LINE-Those homeowners who suffered flooding damage as a result of recent storms should call (800) 359-2227 to seek financial assistance.


DISCOUNT DRUG STORE-No Borders USA Rx is a drugstore that helps Americans buy Canadian drugs at substantial savings.
DISCOUNT PRESCRIPTION DRUGS FROM CANADA-Click on the link for Internet discounts on prescription drugs in Canada. ... To get information on bus trips to Canada especially for seniors interested in buying cheaper prescription drugs, call the ERIE COUNTY SENIOR CENTER at (800) 701-3221.
DO NOT CALL-Click link to be taken to the federal government's "Do Not Call" registry. Signing up will make it easier and more efficient for you to stop getting telemarketing sales calls that you don't want. ... ALSO, if you're already on the list and telemarketers keep calling you, either click the link or call the Ohio attorney general's office at (800) 282-0515.
DOG BREATH-Vote for the smelliest dog breath in America!
Dog Food-Report about toxins contained in some dog food.
Dog Food-Chart containing detailed info about toxins in some dog food.
DOG SHOW (WESTMINSTER) ENTRIES-There are 102 dogs from the state of Ohio participating in the 2004 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Click the link to get more information!
DOG MISSING-A woman had her friendly 10-month-old pit bull stolen from her Lakewood neighborhood. He's a red-brown dog with a red nose and yellow-green eyes. He's also got a white patch on his chest, chin and toes. If you have any information on the puppy's whereabouts, please contact Justice at (216) 402-9296 or Adrienne at (216) 650-6509.
DOG RESCUED-Click on link to e-mail the woman who rescued a dog from Cleveland's east side. Julie Baker can't keep the pet and wants to find it a good family!
Doggles-Get more information about buying goggles for your dog(s).
DOGGY DAY CARE-Find out about a place where owners can drop off their dogs for a day of play and companionship.
THE DOGLOCK-Get more infomation about the locking leash that lets you secure your dog to a fixed object.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CENTER-Helpline is available 24 hours a day at (216) 391-4357 or (216) 391-HELP.
DONATIONS-If you're wondering about charities and donations, consult with the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance.
DRIVING SCHOOL-Click link to go to an online driving school that will tell you how to safely drive on rough and rugged winter roads.
DRIVING TEST-Take The National Safe Driving Test.
DRUG PREVENTION & TREATMENT-Get valuable information from
DRUG STORE-No Borders USA Rx is a drugstore that helps Americans buy Canadian drugs at substantial savings.
DSW CREDIT THEFT-Click the link to access the findings from a fraud investigation into credit card information theft from DSW warehouses.
EA Sports-Watch a demo of its World Cup computer game.
Earthquake Info-The Ohio Seismic Network
EARTHQUAKE INFO (NATIONAL)-Get national earthquake information from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Education-The Ohio Department of Education
Election Ohio-Get Ohio election results
ELVIS-Find out how you can buy shotguns once owned by Elvis Presley ... on sale now at The Gun Runner.

ELVIS BOWLING-For more information on the Elvis Bowling League, send an e-mail to:

Elvis Furniture-The following is a list of local stores that carry Elvis Presley Collection bedroom furniture:

  • Mark Alan Furniture, Elyria
  • A to Z Distributors, 20801 Miles Ave., Cleveland, (216) 581-3736
  • Basista Furniture, 5295 State Road, Cleveland, (216) 398-5900
  • Kronheim's, all stores in northeast Ohio
Elvis Hair Clippings-Bid on The King's hair as collected by his personal barber.
ELVIS HALLOWEEN COSTUMES-Click link to check out Halloween costumes of "The King".
Energy, Department Of-Department Of Energy

EPA-Environmental Protection Agency

EPILEPSY BRAIN SURGERY-Click the link to get more information about a new epilepsy study being conducted at the Cleveland Clinic. The clinic is looking for patients to get free brain surgeries. For even more information, you can call (216) 444-8638.
ERIE COUNTY-Click the link to visit the official Web site for Erie County in Ohio.
Evacuation Plan for Downtown Akron

Evacuation Plans-Click here for more information about the city of Cleveland's evacuation plans. You could also call (216) 368-2408.

ExportOhio-Ohio Department of Development has information about new bionic eye invention that could help blind people.
Eye Surgery-Get information on LASIK and other technologies.

FALCONCAM-Click the link to view images of the falcons near Terminal Tower. ... For more information, send an e-mail here.
FALL FOLIAGE-Click the link to go to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Web page listing the best places in the state to check out fall colors.
FAT MEDICATIONS-Click here to check out a list of prescription drugs that cause weight gain.
FBI-Official Federal Bureau of Investigation Web site
FEBREZE-Find out about a new product designed to allow you to bring the great outdoors inside.
FEBRILE SEIZURES-Click here to get more information about Febrile Seizures.
FERRETS-Click link to find out more about the Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter. Ferrets Unlimited has been rescuing ferrets and other animals since 1993. You can also call Ferrets Unlimited by calling (216) 749-3885.
FILM FESTIVAL-Click here to get more information about the Ohio Independent Film Festival, which is in Cleveland from Nov. 2-10.
FINANCIAL AID-Click the link to get some helpful facts about student aid from the U.S. Department of Education.
FINANCIAL AID INFO FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS-Click the link to go to a pay site that can assist parents of college students and the students themselves in the search for available financial aid.
FLOOD ASSISTANCE-The spring storms of 2004 have led the federal government to label many parts of Ohio as disaster areas. If you need assistance, you are to call FEMA at (800) 621-FEMA or (for the hearing-impaired) call (800) 462-7585. ... The toll-free numbers will operate seven days a week between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. until further notice.
FLU SHOTS SCHEDULE-Click the link to see a schedule of upcoming flu clinics in Greater Cleveland.
Ford UAW Volunteers-To make donations to the Ford UAW volunteers who are helping to better the community, call Jackie Gondek at (440) 933-1282.
FREE HOUSE-The Medina Public Library is trying to give away a house built in 1874. If you're interested in the "Medina Blue House," call the library at (330) 722-6235 ext. 2901.


Frequent Flyer Miles-Find out how you could double the amount of your frequent flyer miles when booking a room with!
FREQUENT FLYER MILES DONATION-Click link to find out how frequent flyers can donate miles to help get troops back home from Iraq.
FTC CONSUMER ALERTS-Click to visit the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Alert Web page to avoid being the victim of the latest scams.

Fund-Raiser-Get information about a fund-raiser to benefit David Schwark -- an athletic teen who was left as a quadriplegic after a diving accident. For more information, you could also call (216) 556-5566.