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GARBAGE ART-Get info about a NYC artist who takes other people's garbage and turns it into valuable art.
GAS PRICES (CLEVELAND AREA)-Click here to link up with the cheapest gas prices from locations across the country, including Ohio.
GAY MARRIAGE PETITION-Summit County election officials beleive some of the signatures on petitions filed to allow Ohioans to vote on whether to outlaw gay marriages may be forged. Click the link to see if your name was added without your permission.
GENERAL MILLS DIET-Click the link to find out more about the General Mills "Brand New You" diet plan.
Geoffrey Roose Memorial Fund-Copley High School student Geoffrey Roose died in a car accident in January 2004. He played the tuba in the high school's marching band, and his family has suggested that all memorial contributions in their son's name be made to the band at 3807 Ridgewood Road, Copley, OH 44321.
GHOSTBUSTER-Click link for more information about Mary Ann -- the star of our special story "Driving out the Demons".
GISELLE-Click on link to buy tickets or call (216) 241-6000. For information about Giselle auditions, call (216) 348-7903.
Government-Council for Excellence In Government
GPS-Click here for more information about the new Global Positioning Systems for children.
GRACO PORTABLE PLAYARD RECALL-Click link for more info!
GRAND PRIX-Click on the link for complete information about the Cleveland Grand Prix.
Guitar Mania-Click on link to find out how you can bid on one of the guitars that lined the Cleveland streets during the summer of 2002. You could also call (216) 436-2123 for more info.
Halloween Urban Legends-Web site refutes many urban legends about Halloween.
Harry a sneak peek at the new movie!
Hartz Lawsuit-Click on link to send e-mail for info on the class-action suit.
HARVEST FOR HUNGER-Click on link to get information about the annual northeast Ohio food drive ... or call (216) 436-2200.
HAUNTED MIRROR ON EBAY-Click the link to bid on the "haunted mirror" that was featured on 19 Action News.
Health-White House site with tips for Americans to get healthier.
Health Department-Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Health Department-Lake County General Health District
HEATING HELP-Find out if you qualify for financial assistance to help pay your heating bill. Call Ohio's HEAP office at (800) 282-0880 or click the link and download the application.
HEPBURN AUCTION-Click link to bid on items from the estate of Hollywood legend Katherine Hepburn.
HERRING PAROLE-Samuel Herring was convicted of raping and blinding Phyllis Cottle and leaving her in a burning car to die back in 1984. He was sentenced to 300 years in prison, but is up for parole 10 years early. To voice your opinion against Herring's release, write a letter to: Parole Board, 1050 Freeway Drive North, Columbus, Ohio 43229.

High School Reunions-Reconnect with old friends.

High-Intensity Auto Lights-Click to file complaint with Safety Administration.
HIGHWAY SAFETY-Check out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's low-speed crash test results for nine mid-sized SUVs.
Hip-Hop Uncensored-Find out about this group of renegade NYC filmmakers.
HOLY LOVE MINISTRIES-People are traveling from all across the globe to Eaton Township, where some of the faithful of Holy Love Ministries are seeing Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Click the link for details.
HOME DOWN PAYMENT-For more information on receiving a down payment gift, prospective homeowners should call (877) NEHEMIAH or click the link to go to their Web site.
HOMELAND SECURITY (OHIO)-Click link for important information regarding the state of Ohio's homeland security plan.
HORMEL CHILI RECALL-Hormel has recalled the following chili products made on Nov. 24, 2003, all sold in 15-ounce cans: Stagg Chili; Steak House Reserve; Chili with Beans; and Hearty Beef with a Kick of Green Chilies. Click link or call (800) 611-9778 for more information.
Horse Information-University of Kentucky Equine Research Foundation
HOTTEST WEB SEARCHES-Click the link to check out lists of the most searched people on the Web.
HOUSING DISCRIMINATION-Click the link to find out more about how the Fair Housing Act can protect citizens against housing discrimination if they choose to come forward.
Humane Education Association-"Ohio's voice for the Animals"
HURRICANE WATCH-Click the link to access a collection of Web cams that are set up to watch hurricanes make their way to shore.
HYGIENITECH-Find out about a new device that cleans up dust mites off of mattresses.
HYPONATREMIA-Drinking too much water when you exercise might not be healthy. Get the scoop by clicking the link to

INDEPENDENCE POLICE AUCTION-The city of Independence auctions off confiscated items. Click the link to find out what is currently up for bid.
INFERTILITY-To get more information about University Hospitals infertility pump research trials, call (440) 995-3810.
Innerbelt-Government Web site about redesign of Cleveland's Innerbelt
INSURANCE-The Ohio Department of Insurance has a ton of information to help safeguard consumer interests.
INSURANCE INSTITUTE FOR HIGHWAY SAFETY-Check out the low-speed crash test results for nine mid-sized SUVs.
INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S GAMES-Click the link for more information about the International Children's Games being held in Cleveland. To get more info via telephone, call (216) 363-1444.
Internet Saint-Cast your vote for patron saint of the Internet.
INTERNET SCAMS-Find out more about new complex security attacks. up with the newest Web sites in Ohio.
INVESTIGATIONAL DRUG-For more information about the osteoarthritis clinical trial (for the Vioxx alternative) discussed on 19 Action News, call Rapid Medical Research at (888) 460-2275.
IRS-Internal Revenue Service
IRS "DIRTY DOZEN" LIST-Check out the IRS' Top 12 list of tax scams for 2005.