BBB Warning: Scam artists who prey on people who are out of work

With unemployment so high in Ohio many people are still looking for a job. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there ready to take advantage of your misfortunes.

19 Action News has a new warning tonight.

They are the magic words everyone wants to hear, "You're hired" but with these job scams, there's a hitch. They ask for money so they can check your background.

That's when you should hit the delete button.

Many of the scam artist lurk in dark alleys of the internet and they strike whenever someone posts a resume online.

They troll websites like, careerbuilder, even craigslist. Searching for anyone looking for work and then they send a "bogus" job offer.

You know the ones, promising too good to be true pay and benefits..."Just wire us $50 and you're in!"

"We've seen phoney job offers where they put a link with the email where you go to pay for a certification and the other site is part of the scam," said Sue McConnell, Better Business Bureau. 

Sue McConnell from the Better Business Bureau says the number of help wanted scams skyrocketed with the unemployment rate.

How do you spot of bogus job offer?

Here are the red flags:

  • If the job offer comes from a free email account, beware.

"If they're using a gmail or yahoo free account, chances are, it's not a legit company," said Sue McConnell, Better Business Bureau.

  • If there are spelling or gramatical errors.
  • If the job offer hinges on you giving up personal information on-line.
  • And finally whenever they ask for money up front.

So what's an honest job seeker to do?

"You can check our website, look up the person or company on google," said Sue McConnell, Better Business Bureau.

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