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MAGGOTS-Find out about the Maggot Therapy Project.
Make-A-Wish-Northeast, central and southern Ohio chapter
MAKE-A-WISH GOLF OUTING-If you're still interested in signing up for the Make-A-Wish golf outing to be held on Monday, June 23, you should call Gabrielle at (216) 256-8694.
MANUFACTURING WORKERS-Click the link to get more information about the International Black Buyers and Manufacturers Expo in Washington. too much water when you exercise might not be healthy. Get the scoop on hyponatremia by clicking the link.
MARCH MADNESS BRACKETS-Click link to go to CBS Sportsline's coverage of the 2004 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
MARCH TO THE SUPREME COURT-Get information about the civil rights march being organized by the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action & Integration and Fight For Equality By Any Means Necessary.
MARY ANN -- GHOSTBUSTER-Click link for more information about the star of our special story "Driving out the Demons".
MARYELLA ANDROTIS-To help the young girl from Ecquador who was featured in an Action News package receive the life-saving liver transplant that she needs, just go to any KEY BANK location and donate to the Maryella Androtis fund. out about the new stamp collection featuring girl groups of the 1950s and 1960s.
MEDICARE.GOV-Click link to get more information about the new Medicare-approved drug discount card.
MEDICATIONS THAT MAKE YOU FAT-Click here to check out a list of prescription drugs that cause weight gain.
MEDINA BLUE HOUSE-The Medina Public Library is trying to give away a house built in 1874. If you're interested in the Medina Blue House, call the library at (330) 722-6235 ext. 2901.

Mega Millions LOTTO NUMBERS-The 10 most frequently selected numbers in the Mega Millions lotto drawings (as of June 2004) are as follows:

  • 26, 32, 10, 52, 49, 51, 6, 31, 21, 46

The unluckiest 11 are:

  • 25, 35, 23, 38, 11, 12, 19, 45, 43, 33, 37
Meningitis Foundation of America-Provides information about disease
MESOTHERAPY-For more information about a local business (featured on 19 Action News) that performs mesotherapy, call (877) 644-3434.
METEOR-Get more information on the Leonid meteor shower. also provides extensive information regarding the Leonid meteor and other astrological phenomena. out about a place where owners can drop off their dogs for a day of play and companionship.
MICHAEL JACKSON-Click the link to go to the King of Pop's new Web site designed to speak directly to his public about all things Jacko, including his legal troubles.
Michael Jackson's Baby Drop VIDEO GAME-Just a week after Jacko hung his child from a balcony in Germany, this game hit the Web. Click on the link to play.
MICHELLE HAYES-Visit the "Justice for Michelle Hayes" Web site to get more info about the dismemberment murder of Michelle, and find out why her friends and family fear that the confessed killers aren't being punished enough.
MICROSOFT-Click here to get the Blaster worm critical security patch from Microsoft. Department guide filled with practical tips for protecting kids. Vote for Travis Hafner as the American League's "30th Man" for the upcoming Major League Baseball All-Star Game.
MODEL SEARCH-Vote on finalists in Nelly's national search for a model to be associated with the rapper's new clothing line.

MODEL SEARCH (PLUS-SIZED)-Click the link to find out more about Lane Bryant's plus-sized model search.

Money-Saving Web Sites: your long-distance bill by $144. connected to the Internet for $168 less. insurance for $168 less. your credit card bills by $444. your gas and electric bill by $120.

MONSTER IN LAKE ERIE-Click the link to check out the Web site that tracks the Lake Erie "monster" featured in a 19 Action News report.
Motel 6-The popular motel chain is turning 40 and to celebrate, it is giving away some big prizes, including a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Click link for details.
MOTHER PROOF-Click the link to go to, a Web site that focuses on new car reviews -- for women in general and mothers in particular.
MOTORCYCLE SAFETY FOUNDATION-Find out what you need to do to stay safe while operating a motorcylce!
Movie Magic-Find out how you could sign up to be an extra in a new movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.
Muscular Dystrophy-The grandmother of a local child afflicted with the disease bikes from Indiana every year to raise money for research. Call (260) 925-1268 to donate to Nancy Carper's cause.
Music Education-Add your name to Justin Timberlake's petition to increase funding for music education.
MYSTERY SHOPPERS-Click link to go to, where you could sign up with the Mystery Shopper Provider's Association to try to become a paid secret shopper.
National Guard-Ohio National Guard Family Program Web site
NELLY-Vote on finalists in the rapper's national search for a model to be associated with his new clothing line.
NEWTON CRIME ZONE-Click the link to go to the Web site that posts photos of prostitutes on the streets of Canton as a tool to fight their presence.
NFL-Click link to cast your vote for the National Football League's Most Valuable Player.
NIGHTCLUB FIRE-Click on the link to send a message of support to victims of the Rhode Island nightclub fire currently being treated at a New England hospital.
Nintendo-Learn how you could get paid to play video games all summer.
NOAH'S LOST ARK-Web site that is dedicated to educating the public about the plight of exotic and endangered animals in our society. link to find out how you can ride in a private plane that'll give you a taste of what it's like to be an astronaut blasting into space.
Nuclear Waste-Find out where nuclear waste is traveling on the Environmental Working Group's Web site.
NUDE PHOTOGRAPH-The famous artist/photographer Spencer Tunick will be in Cleveland to take a picture involving nude human bodies. Click the link for info and/or to volunteer.

Nursing Homes-Private ranking and rating company (CareScout)


OBESITY INFORMATION can be found at the following Web sites:

OCTA-Ohio Christmas Tree Association

Ohio-State Of Ohio Web site

Ohio Attorney General
Ohio Department of Aging-Get info on nursing homes in Ohio.
Ohio Department of Development-Find out if you qualify for financial assistance to help pay your heating bill. Call Ohio's HEAP office at (800) 282-0880 or click the link and download the application.
Ohio Department of Education
Ohio Department of Health
Ohio Department of Transportation
Ohio Governor's Home Page
OHIO HOMELAND SECURITY-Click link for important information regarding the state of Ohio's homeland security plan.
Ohio Humane Education Association-Click on the link for animal information from the OHEA!
Ohio Legislature
Ohio Lottery-The official Web site for the Ohio Lottery
Ohio State Highway Patrol
Ohio State University RIOT Photos-The Ohio State University is seeking help from the public in gathering information related to the riots that followed OSU's big win over Michigan in late November. Photos and video of the disturbances can be viewed by clicking on the link.
OHIO WILLOW WOOD-Find out about state-of-the-art prosthetics developed by the Ohio Willow Wood Company.
ONLINE SOLDIER MEMORIAL-Click link to access an online directory honoring fallen soldiers from Cuyahoga County.
ORCHESTRA-The Cleveland Orchestra's Web site
OSHA-Occupational Safety & Health Administration
OUT OF DARKNESS-Click the link to go to the Prelude2Cinema Web site to watch a clip of the locally produced TV show "Out of Darkness" by director Alex P. Michaels.