Editorial Response: Jack Murphy

I am Jack Murphy responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial about teacher's unions fighting to overturn Senate Bill 5.

I would agree that there is some good in this new bill, but I feel that it missed a lot of the problems facing the nation today as far as schools are concerned. Teachers and educators face a hostile workplace everyday not only from students but from parents as well. What teacher in their right mind would want to teach in a system that is void of discipline and prayer? 

Without these two essential items the only incentive to want to be a teacher is pay and benefits which are the direct result of the negotiation process. 

School is supposed to be a place to learn. Without discipline, there is no learning. Without prayer, there is no guidance. 

Maybe the California system of laying off the students for seven days out of the school year is not a bad idea since it puts some responsibility back on the parents. It also relieves the school of some financial liability.

Thank you. 

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