Cleveland Strangler cleared from 2006 rape case

Science now says convicted killer Anthony Sowell didn't rape a woman during an incident outside of the Cleveland Strangler murders.

This, after the victim released a book titled "I survived the Cleveland Strangler."

Cleveland Police tell 19 Action News that a DNA test clears Sowell from a rape case in 2006.

The writer's former girlfriend was raped and beaten badly in the city's Garden Valley section by an unknown attacker. The woman felt she recognized Sowell after seeing him on television.

Police tested the attacker's DNA against Sowell's and the convicted serial killer came up clean…in this case.

The author of the book tells 19 Action News that he still thinks Sowell tried to kill the woman and that the DNA might be from someone she was with earlier.

For now, the book is moving forward, possibly on to a new chapter.