MLB Investigating A-Rod For Poker Party

A-Rod To be Questioned By MLB Investigators
A-Rod To be Questioned By MLB Investigators

Yankees third baseman -- and big-time tabloid presence -- Alex Rodriguez could face suspension from Major League Baseball, according to ESPN New York, quoting an anonymous MLB executive. The suspension wouldn't be due to anything Rodriguez has done on the field, though.

A-Rod was reportedly at an "underground" poker game that involved some people openly using cocaine and a fight over one player not wanting to cough up his $500,000 in losses. The original report came from, though it sounds like Rodriguez was simply there playing poker and not doing any of the coke/fighting. He even reportedly "tried to distance himself" from the game once the fight broke out. The poker game reportedly took place at the mansion of a record executive in Beverly Hills.

Still, ESPN's anonymous source said that commissioner Bud Selig is "fed up" with the Yankees slugger. Rodriguez had been warned to avoid these poker games in the past by MLB officials, so that would likely be the source of the commissioner's frustrations.

"We take this very seriously and have been investigating this matter since the initial investigation," Major League Baseball said in a statement. "As part of the investigation, the commissioner's office will interview Mr. Rodriguez."

For now, what actually happened is just a bunch of speculation at this point. The MLB offices are merely look to gather information and find out how accurate the reporting is. If the reports are all true, it sounds like all A-Rod's really guilty of is bad judgement -- and that certainly doesn't make him a unique human being.

Rodriguez, 36, is on the disabled list as he rehabs from surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee.

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