What happens next to the Cleveland Strangler house?

19 Action News asking the big question outside of court. What will happen to Cleveland Strangler crime scene after the case is closed?

"I want them to tear it down... but someone will get a hold of it first" says one of the Cleveland Strangler's victims' family members. Neighbors also want the serial killer's house demolished.

This, after eleven Northeast Ohio women's bodies were discovered at Anthony Sowell's home on Imperial Avenue.

City Hall tells 19 Action News they can't do anything while the site is still a crime scene, which should end when convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell gets sentenced in a few days.

Sowell family members say the home is now in the hands of a mortgage company. Next, the city will do an inspection. Should this place be condemned?  What do you think? There are holes in the walls and the floor, but the City of Cleveland has to go through the motions for legal reasons.

If inspectors find the place "not habitable" the city can arrange for a demolition, which can take up to several months if there is anything like asbestos inside. It could be done quickly if it's considered an emergency.

Folks in the neighborhood can't see it go soon enough following the murders and attacks.

Red tape for now, but as soon as the case is closed that will all change.