Ravenna Police investigate attempted abduction at elementary school

Ravenna Police are investigating an attempted abduction that happened at an elementary school.

According to Angel Ransom, the mother of the 6-year-old Donavan, her son was at the school's summer reading program Tuesday when a woman with long brown hair driving a gold Chrysler tried to snatch her son.

The incident happened Tuesday at Carlin Elementary. Angel Ransom tells 19 Action News she has no idea who the woman could be that tried to abduct her son.

According to police, the woman came to the school and motioned to a school aide who was watching the kids as they arrived that she wanted to pick up Donavan right away, just moments after he was dropped off.  The aide said no to the woman because she didn't recognize her. Also, school policy needs written permission from the parent and the school has to be notified of an early pick-up.

The reason little Donavan is safe, is because faculty followed proper procedure.

After being told she could not take the child, the woman responded saying only "I'll be back at 11:30 with a note." The woman never came back.

Ravenna Police are asking anyone with information about the attempted abduction to call the Ravenna Police Department at  330-296-6486.