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Response times for ambulance rides doubles as Huron Hospital packs up

Without Huron Hospital, the ride for ambulance patients is becoming unbearable.

Cleveland City Hall predicted it and now it's happening.

When you call for an ambulance, response times have more than doubled for patients on the eastside. 

Because Huron hospital is in the process of shutting down, Cleveland EMS has stopped taking patients there already.

They've been taking patients across town and old eight minute response times has now turned into 17-and-a-half minutes.

"We're seeing our transport times at least double with patients who used to go to Huron now going across town to MetroHealth. And our ambulances are tied up a lot longer than they normally would be," said Cleveland EMS, Ed Eckart.

So this can back up calls all over the city.

Even firefighters are tied up longer. The first responders to a scene are now waiting for EMS.  Consider the man shot in the chest. He took a turn for the worst as EMS took him across town.

"Paramedics had to pull the ambulance to the side of the road and perform a chest decompression stick a needle to re-inflate that person's lung," said Ed Eckart. "Patient safety is our primary concern."

A lawsuit is currently in Federal Court. The city is hoping for a ruling before the hospital closes for good.  

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