Local high school enforces mandatory drug and alcohol testing for student athletes

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - A local high school is saying enough is enough to student athletes on steroids. 19 Action News has the latest on a controversial doping crackdown.

Mandatory drug testing is now in affect for student athletes at Elyria Catholic.

Starting this fall, athletes will have to "filler-up" and test negative for steroids if they want to play sports.

"We want to tell student athletes that we want you to make a choice. We want you to male a good choice and we want to give you the opportunity if you do make a mistake that we're going to help you. The policy is not designed to be punitive but to recognize there's a problem and get those students help" says Elyria Catholic High School Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Mike Winsor.

All student athletes will be tested for drugs and alcohol by mid-month. There will also be another random 20% tested three times during the season.

If a student comes up positive, the first offense is a three game suspension and counseling. The Assistant Principal/ A.D. is working with parents and sponsors to cut down the cost to $17 bucks a test.

So far, students and parents are being supportive.

According to the school's website, this policy reflects the administration's strong commitment to establish a drug and alcohol free program. This policy applies to all student athletes in grades 9-12.


1. To provide a healthy and safe environment to all student athletes.

2. To discourage all student-athletes from using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

a. Student-athletes will assume all responsibility for regulating their personal lives in ways that will result in their becoming healthy members of a team and worthy representatives of the school and community.

3. To provide student-athletes with the opportunity to become leaders in the student body for a drug free school.

4. To provide solutions for the student-athlete who does use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

5. To provide the coaching staff with positive guidelines and disciplinary policies for violations of the drug free policy.

6. To encourage student-athletes to remain drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.

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