Cleveland Clinic teams up with the NFL to protect youth football players

There has been a ton of talk on concussions, especially in youth football. One of the theories is that helmets are made for "older" athletes then shrunk down in size to fit "smaller" players- the problem is younger athletes are built differently and have different support needs when it comes to wearing a helmet.

The Clinic has been given a grant by the NFL to start research that could lead to modifications or safer helmets for youth players.

This week, the Clinic gathered data from 170 youth football players (ages 7-12/ Mayfield Wildcat Youth Football Club) as part of a study that has an end result of developing a safer youth helmet and safety modifications for current helmets.

Before our researchers start tinkering with building a helmet, they need to better understand how the players are built physically and where the most impact occurs.

The data gathered from each player will be used to guide our researchers in the creation of "test models/ test dummies" for the future testing of helmets.

The Clinic was given $100,000 by NFL Charities for this study.


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