Fool busted for stealing officer's bulletproof vest now accused of impersonating a cop


The fool accused of stealing a bulletproof vest from the Alliance Police Department has now been busted for impersonating a cop.
Miles Hartman was charged with impersonating a police officer after filling out an application for a hospital security job, and stated he worked for the Alliance Police Department. Hartman went the extra mile and even added that he earned $19 dollars an hour.
APD is urging anyone who has encountered Hartman - who is going to school for Law Enforcement - posing as a cop to call 330-821-3131.

Hartman was at the police station on June 30th for a civilian ride-a-long when he noticed a bullet proof vest hanging in the locker room to "air out." Hartman put it on under his shirt and left the department. Surveillance caught him on video with the vest outline under his shirt. 

As a result of Hartman stealing the bulletproof vest, the department was forced to buy a new one at the taxpayers expense of $750.
While the vest was returned, 19 Action News has learned Hartman had been wearing the vest around town. A new vest was ordered because of possible bio-hazard contamination.

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