Editorial Response: Lawanda Atterberry

I am Lawanda Atterberry responding to Bill Applegate's editorial about teacher's unions fighting to overturn Senate Bill 5.

Teachers are not volunteers and they deserve to be paid a decent wage.  They spend more time in a day with students than parents do.  More often than not, teachers are required to teach a mandated curriculum to "oversized" classes while also being asked to focus on individual students' needs.

People do not seem to realize that investing in schools and teachers is also an investment in their community. I believe "children are the future", and feel that focusing on them now will ensure that they become educated, productive citizens. Teachers have an impact in each and every community yet their efforts appear to go largely unrecognized in a society where money and power seem to be the focus.

Many teachers unselfishly use their own hard-earned money to buy their students' supplies.  It takes a special person to be a teacher and I don't feel it is wrong that they are fighting these cuts.

Teachers are faced with difficult situations including dealing with families' personal issues and an ever-changing cultural environment.

Thank you.