New allegations against Ohio State

Just days before Ohio State meets with the NCAA about previous infractions, there is talk about a second investigation, sports director Tony Zarrella reports.

The investigation reportedly once again centers around former quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Pryor was reportedly paid thousands of dollars in exchange for signed Buckeye gear. The allegations also include car deals for OSU players and their families.

The NCAA reportedly notified Ohio State by letter on Aug. 3 that it is still investigating the football program. OSU denied the reports, saying no further allegations have been passed on to the school.

"The university has not received any additional allegations from the NCAA," a school spokesman said in a statement after the ESPN report Wednesday. "We do not anticipate discussing any additional allegations with the Committee on Infractions on Friday other than those self reported in March, 2011."

These allegations first surfaced back in April. ESPN reports that the new allegations will not be discussed during Friday's meeting in Indianapolis. But if reports of the allegations are accurate, Friday's hearing could be delayed, or the investigation would be entirely separate.

Either way it means this ordeal is far from over.

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