What happens next to Anthony Sowell and how much is too much?

A day after jurors recommended that Anthony Sowell be sentenced to death, the case remains top of mind.

The Cleveland Strangler's trial racked hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, but the full tab for the case won't be known for weeks. Prosecutors never took cost into account, they wanted justice and feel justice for Anthony Sowell is the death penalty he will likely get.

Wednesday, convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell stood grim faced when he heard jurors wanted him to die for brutally murdering eleven Northeast Ohio women. It was clear jurors didn't buy a bit of his story or explanations from his defense team. "Your executing the abused child, you're executing the honorable marine, your executing the well behaved prisoner" says Sowell attorney John Parker.

In fact, most jurors say the death decision wasn't particularly difficult.

Jurors said the tearful testimony of survivor Vanessa Gay moved them.  It gave them a clear picture of the Sowell house of horrors and what victims must have gone through.  In the end, they were unanimous.

It is not easy to get a dozen people to agree on anything, let alone putting someone to death.  This jury is so confident in its decision that members will come back as a group to watch the sentencing Friday morning.