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Consumer Alert: Ohio Scam Warning


Scammers are getting better and better. They have new tricks up their sleeves to get a hold of your money.

19 Action News wants to warn you about another trick, that anyone could fall for.

Let's face it, most criminals aren't too smart but these scam artists are good at choosing their victims.

They recently bilked thousands of dollars out of a very nice Columbus woman.

A con man called 92-year-old Mary Holliman out of the blue one day and identified himself as a bank investigator. He said his name was Sgt. Westwood.

"It was things he would say that would take the suspicion away, because he kept stressing the bank didn't want to tell anyone," said Mary Holliman.

Don't tell anybody? That was the first clue. But Mary missed it. She was taught to trust authority figures.

The con man told Mary to go to the bank and cash a check. He even sent her cab fare in a Fedex package.

"Guess I had to be crazy to get in that cab, but I got in the cab, went to the bank," said Mary Holliman.

Once she got to the bank, she cashed a check for $7,500 and got back in the cab.

"As soon as I got in the house, the phone rang, and it was him. I was standing in the door talking to him and this car drove up, a man got out, came up to the door and he said George, and I handed him the package and he left," said Mary Holliman.

Mary Holliman had just been scammed. Her daughter's livid. 

"They're heartless and gutless, and to prey on older people like they do," said Sharon Brown.

Mary feels cheated.

"I'm to the place now, I'm almost afraid to trust anybody, I really am," said Mary Holliman.

Columbus Police are investigating, but chances are they won't catch these guys.

So if you get unsolicited calls about your bank account. Hang up and call your bank directly. And never give out any personal information unless you're sure who you're talking to.

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