Judge sentenced Cleveland Strangler Anthony Sowell to death

Cleveland Strangler Anthony Sowell was sentenced to death Friday by Judge Dick Ambrose, upholding the jury's recommendation.

Wednesday, jurors recommended the death penalty for Anthony Sowell, the man responsible for the murders of 11 Northeast Ohio women. The victims' bodies were found in and around Sowell's home on Imperial Avenue back in 2009.

Sowell entered the courtroom, sat down and closed his eyes. He had his eyes closed through much of the hearing, including family impact statements.

Judge Dick Ambrose asked Sowell if he wished to address the court and Sowell sat still in his seat with his eyes shut, numb to his surroundings.

The families were allowed to make impact statements during the proceedings.

Many family members say they have forgiven Sowell.

The aunt of Diane Turner ended her statement may telling Sowell "may your pacemaker stop and you die tonight."

Judge set an execution date of October 29, 2012.

Sowell is currently on suicide watch.

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