Chilling: Correction Officer's confession..."I killed my wife"


A Lorain County Corrections Officer admits to dispatcher that he murdered his wife.

He did it in the 911 call that he made right after the killing and every bit of it is chilling.

It's not just what he says...but, also how he says it .

"Who did you kill Dembie," asked the dispatcher.

"My ex-wife..ha, ha," said William Dembie.

A chuckle at the idea that his wife is dead. His 9-1-1 call paints quite a picture.

He made it from the kitchen of his home in Grafton around 1:30 Thursday morning.

A Corrections Officer in Lorain for the last 12 years, friends with the poor dispatcher who took the call was first seeming happy to hear from him then he drops a bomb on her.

"You got a fight," asked the dispatcher.

"Almost a beheading..yeah," said William Dembie. "Yeah, I killed her."   

Turns out investigators say his 33 year old wife Holly was actually stabbed to death. But, until sheriff's deputies get to the scene no one knew what to think.

The call goes on for nearly 6 minutes with Dembie keeping his calm the whole time, explaining he wouldn't hurt anyone else.

"Where's the knife now," asked the dispatcher. 

"I think it's in the back yard next to the body," said William Dembie. "I don't have nothing, I'm not dangerous. I just couldn't take her sh** anymore."

Who knows what was going on between the two but if he couldn't handle her anymore, it'll be interesting to see how he's going to handle what's in store now.

There is reportedly a four year old son who fortunately wasn't there at the time.

Dembie's big concern though in that 9-1-1 call was that someone would take good care of his dog who was with him.

Dembie is locked up in the Erie County Jail on $5 million bond.


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