Cops working to keep the flash mobs out of weekend events

First Coventry's street festival and then Unity Day at Luke Easter Park, flash mobs and random acts of violence have stirred up some serious trouble this summer at community events.

And we're looking into rumbling of more mobs this weekend at upcoming events, like the Feast of the Assumption.

Big crowds are expected in Little Italy and in Glenville for big community events and police will be patrolling the streets and social media to keep the peace at the park and the feast.

A flash mob that ruined Coventry's street festival. Our sources say chatter on social networking sites is leading CPD to suspect something is brewing.

They're activating a plan to stop any mob or riot that threatens the safety of festival goers this weekend.

Chief Michael McGrath says there's no firm intelligence that a mob is planned, but there will be a command bus, increased presence, and 8-to-10 marked units from OHP in Little Italy.

"I think they're going to beef it up this year. I think everyone will be safe," said Chief Michael McGrath.

Our sources also say that field forces, or mini anti riot teams, will be on standby, should trouble break out.

"I think they'll keep the peace. There's pretty good security around here all the years," said Chief Michael McGrath.

In Greenville they've hired off duty officers, and private security and they're working with anti-gang organizations to prevent problems. They'll be breaking up any mobs that begin to form.

And people in the neighborhood have a message for anybody planning to organize trouble:

"If they do got something planned, they need to keep it to themselves. Go somewhere and pray," said Geraldine Jones.

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