Forget the gun, store owners fighting crime with Classical Music

It's loud enough to catch your attention yet too classy to attract those thugs you don't want around your business.

Could this be a new trend?

A convienence store in Columbus had a problem with loiterers, so they cranked up the music.

And now the loiterers are gone.

"It is a good idea."

"It's soothing."

"I love it!"

"I think it kinda helps the area."

Apparently, it makes people who hang around bugging customers and asking for money uncomfortable.

Because ever since the store started playing it, the loiterers have disappeared.

"I pick up beer bottles constantly back there and today, not today."

"You can hear it all the way down the street."

"I walked over just to see where it's coming from cause it's pretty loud."

Sounds like a good idea doesn't it? I mean if you've got a problem with loiterers.

But not everybody wants to get rid of loiterers. The owner of a store in Cleveland says not only do they spend money, but they are just people looking for a some personal interaction."

"I wouldn't want to keep any loiterers away. Everybody has a story. Every life is a story. I like to have people around," said Abe Ayad.

Abe Ayad is not your typical business owner. He's the guy who uses the walls of his gas station to paint often controversial messages.

"You're in the business to get em in! Why would you want to get rid of them," asked Abe Ayad.

So there you go.

Classical music gets rid of loiterers but some people "like" loiterers.

Pick your poison.

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