Court Records: Attorneys for serial killer want new trial

Court records show attorneys for serial killer Anthony Sowell are already asking for a new trial.

The paperwork was filed the same day Sowell was formerly sentenced to death for the mass murder of eleven women.

His attorneys base this compliant largely on a news conference that jurors held after they recommended the death penalty. One juror referred to a wink that she says she got from Sowell. Attorneys want a hearing to determine whether the jury was biased or influenced in some way.

51-year-old Sowell was found guilty for the murder of eleven women between June 2007 and September 2009. The victims' remains were found inside and outside of Sowell's Imperial Avenue home in Cleveland.

So we asked his lawyer Rufus Sims, how can you represent a guy who killed 11 women?

"Well like any other defendant he is presumed innocent until 'proven' guilty," stated Atty. Rufus Sims.

Meanwhile, 19 Action News is getting to the bottom of how much money the defense attorneys are earning.

Court records show Attorney John Parker has been paid $71,880.06 and Attorney Rufus Sims has been paid $29,025.35.

With bills still coming in, Judge Dick Ambrose is capping attorney fees at a total of $150K.

Normally, in Cuyahoga County, two attorneys assigned in a capital case earn a total of $25K.

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