Man arrested after mowing down innocent woman and leaving the scene of accident


Canton Police have charged a man with involuntary manslaughter after cops said he hit a woman over the weekend with his truck and didn't stop.

28-year-old Tiffany Trescott was killed.

Police say Andrew Soliday was driving the truck that ran Trescott down. 

"He had a chance when he stopped to let my wife out. That's involuntary. Voluntary is when you drag her another two blocks down the road," said Joshua Trescott.

Trescott and her husband, Joshua, were planning to move to move to Texas before this tragedy happened.

"It's just not fair. We shouldn't have to go through this because somebody was selfish," said Sherri Calhoun.

Family and friends are holding a benefit for Tiffany at SadieRenes Wednesday at 9 PM in N. Canton.

"We can't bring her back, we just want to tell everybody how sorry and confused we are in this matter. He needs to pay," said Lavena Stokes.

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