TSA unveils new, better technology at Hopkins Airport

It's a new system that brings a whole new sense of relief to the airport security line.

"It's not invading my privacy, but I still feels safe," says Vanessa Cunningham, an airport passenger.

"It's better in terms of privacy as a woman especially.  I would feel more comfortable going through them," says Katie O'Hare, another airport passenger.

It's a less invasive body scan system.  Instead of a scan that shows pretty much all of the body's details, there's a new system that's much less detail.

"It's a generic cookie cutter image is displayed that points out anomalies to our officers right away at the check point," says Jim Fatenos, with TSA.

Either the screen shows an okay to send the passenger on, or there's a warning box showing exactly where there needs to be a closer look on that person.

Whether or not you have to go through the new system, just like the old system, depends where the security line takes you.

TSA says line times won't be as long because a whole step in the process is gone.

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