Colt McCoy Talks About His Meeting With Brett Favre

Colt McCoy On Brett Favre
Colt McCoy On Brett Favre

Browns quarterback Colt McCoy meet with future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre during the lockout about running the west coast offense.  Here's what he said Tuesday about the meeting and other topics.

(On spending time with Brett Favre this offseason)- "This summer I was just really trying to soak in as much information as I could and we were working hard having camps and things like that.  You can't be around your coaches, so I just found a way to get a hold of Brett and was able to spend a couple days with him in Mississippi. He's an outstanding guy, we had a blast and I learned a lot so I was thankful for him being open to me to even coming down there.  That was the first time we met and it was a lot of fun."

(On if Favre made learning the West Coast offense easy for him)- "Well so far nothing has been easy, I will tell you that. There is a lot to learn and a lot to grow.  I think he helped me a lot on some things.  I had a list of questions and wasn't able to ask my coach. I had the playbook and I had some tape, but if you can go down and ask him, 'Okay versus this, what call do you make here? You see a pressure, can you make a call, can you adjust?'  Those are the things that we talked about, same questions that I would ask the coach.  Now that I am here and I am getting coached every day, we are way passed that, but during that time Brett was very helpful."

(On improving each week)- "The progress we made in a week from the scrimmage, we were a little rusty in the scrimmage and you come out and we played well. We executed against Green Bay.  Detroit is going to be a big challenge for us, especially up front.  They play with real wide techniques. They come at you. They are run stoppers so we are going to be challenged for sure.  It will be a good test for us. Week to week we have got to continue to make progress and continue to get better.  I thought for the first time out on the field we did a good job, but we have come back to the practices these last couple days and really worked hard.  We are adding some things and we have got to keep the ball rolling and keep getting better every time we get out here on the field because that's important."

(On Ndamukong Suh)- "In my position I have to trust these guys in front of me and I do.  If I am concentrating on guys rushing and blitzing then I am out of the play.  I won't be able to see what's going on down field, so I just need to trust those guys. We've got to go out and play.  We are working hard out here and we are putting some things in we think will help week to week.  We've just got to keep rolling."

(On being impressed by other quarterbacks in the league)- "I am always impressed by other quarterbacks, whether it's Tom (Brady) or playing against Aaron (Rodgers) last week.  Just in the short time that I've been a starting quarterback, I realize how hard it is.  I realize the time commitment, I realize you have to be a little lucky at times and so for a guy like Aaron or Tom or anyone who can go out and win successfully year in and year out and play well.  I have all the respect in the world for them.  This is not an easy thing to do.  Week to week it's fun.  You play against different quarterbacks and going up against (Matthew) Stafford this week.  We knew each other in high school so it will be fun to catch up with him. I am enjoying what I am doing and as a team, we've just got to keep playing.  This is early.  We know we've got a lot of work to do and we are doing that and continuing to work.  Hopefully, each week we will get better and better."