EPA Administrator, Clyde Cancer Cluster parents to finally meet

Alexa Brown
Alexa Brown

CLYDE, OH (WOIO) - Six children have died in Sandusky County and more are sick.

Now, for the first time in the Clyde Cancer Cluster, 19 Action News has helped put federal officials and parents in the same room.

19 Action News Investigator Scott Taylor confronted the Federal EPA Administrator to get the attention of Uncle Sam. Now, officials are not only listening, they are keeping their promise to meet with parents of these sick children.

The Center for Disease Control is the lead federal agency consulting with the state of Ohio on the Clyde Cancer Cluster which has killed half a dozen children including Alexa Brown, age 11.

The CDC may be the lead agency, but they have never set foot in Sandusky County nor has the Federal EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, who told 19 Action News she had no idea of what was happening in Clyde, Ohio back in June.

Pretty odd considering that U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown sent a letter to Jackson in February spelling it all out and asking for help.

Lisa Jackson promised she would meet with parents, and finally she will.

After some nagging from 19 Action News Investigator Scott Taylor, Jackson promised she would meet with parents.

Senator Brown was a bit stunned at what he learned from 19 Action News and Jackson's  investigations about Clyde, OH.  "That's a big agency and she has a lot of issues but she should be briefed when she comes to Cleveland.  Clyde is not really the area but close enough about this.  I am going to double back with her and make sure she is focused on this" says Senator Brown.

Thursday the Federal EPA will be in Sandusky County to meet with parents. Lisa Jackson is the very first federal department head to really listen to the cries of help from Sandusky County after a little nudging from 19 Action News.

How can you help? Click HERE to sign a federal petition asking for help. Make sure to forward the link on to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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