Josh Cribbs And Scott Fujita Meet With The Media

Transcript Of Josh Cribbs and Scott Fujita's Media Session
Transcript Of Josh Cribbs and Scott Fujita's Media Session

Josh Cribbs and Scott Fujita met with the media after Wednesday's practice.  Here's what they had to say.

Joshua Cribbs

(On what they are looking to do this week against the Lions)- "At this point we want to just stay consistent.  We had a pretty good showing of our offense and we want to do the same this week.  We want to capitalize on that and maybe open up the playbook a little bit more."

(On his impression of new rule of kickoffs after the first weekend)- "For the majority, there were too many touchbacks. There was a return (for a touchdown).  There will be a lot of returns this year.  Teams will take it easy, thinking that the guys will have touchbacks and that's when good returns will take advantage of.  There will be good schemes.  Our own coach (Chris) Tabor is doing a very good job at scheming and we want to look pretty good this year on the kickoff returns."

(On moving the coverage guys to the 30 yard line)- "I think there will still be opportunities.  I think there will be a lot of inside the 20 tackles this year.  A lot of returners will get tired of taking a knee in the end zone and try to bring it out.  That's where there will be a lot of inside the 20 tackles.  Guys are getting down there faster and the kickers are hanging the ball up there.  That's what you can look for, touchbacks and inside the 20 tackles."


Scott Fujita

(On Titus Brown and depth at linebacker)- "Titus (Brown) is just a football player.  He is an old school kind of junkyard dog. He's heavy handed.  He is just a ball player and I think the more opportunities he has to get on the field, the better he is going to get.  Some of the young guys who came in undrafted, some of them are really sharp guys like Brian Smith.  These are good young players who I think are going to turn out well in this league.  Obviously, experience wise it doesn't appear there is a lot of depth, but these guys are coming along fast and that's without an offseason program and really just two weeks of work with these coaches."

(On if the change in practices was the biggest change made in the new CBA)- "That's a huge step in the right direction because it's going to help lengthen people's careers.  No doubt about that.  If this schedule was in place 10 years ago when I was a rookie, I feel I could realistically play 15 or 16 years, it helps that much.  It's just about doing things smarter, doing things the right way and I think this is a good approach. It's healthy and involved, coaches, trainers, equipment guys and the players from the top down I think it is the best approach."

(On if the 4-3 defense plays to his favor more)- "It can in certain respects. I played both defenses throughout my career.  I have spent a lot of years in defenses like things like this.  I always go back to D'Qwell (Jackson).  I have said this before, this guy has obviously been playing so well in training camp.  He is going to have a chance to make so many big plays this season.  For a guy like him, this is the defense he has been waiting for."