Editorial Response: Anthony Panza

My name is Anthony Panza and I am responding to Bill Applegate's editorial about the debt ceiling battle in congress.

It amazes me that the GOP continues to live in an alternative reality. Has anyone forgotten that not too long ago Republicans controlled all three branches of the government and they expanded it, widened the deficit and removed the regulations that have led to the current fiscal crisis?

They have forgotten the lessons learned from the great depression about separating banks and Wall Street. The GOP's refusal to look at raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans shows who they represent and continues ex-fed Chief Greenspan's failed policies, helping send jobs overseas.

It's a shame that many ignore the data and facts and support them in their deception.  We need to keep politicians honest and real. In their reality, there is no global warming or crisis in education and we may someday find those weapons of mass destruction.

We have found the weapons of mass destruction that has threatened to bring America to its knees..... In our reality they're called republican politics.

Thank You.