Action News vows to help catch a cathedral crook


19 Action News is stepping up to get justice for a downtown church. A cathedral was ripped off for tens of thousands of dollars in valuables.

Trinity Cathedral, across from CSU, was the latest target for thieves. Some slug broke into the church and took precious antiques from a sacred room.

The crook broke into the sacristy, where they keep stuff for communion, and stole chalices and other sacred items, some of it dating back to 1845 and worth up to $100,000.

"You begin to think of the thousands of lips that have touched the chalice of the hands that have touched the plates," said Rev.Will Mebane. "Our hope that the heart of the person or persons involved will be changed. Our congregation's praying for that."

Police with Crime Stoppers say they may have a possible break in the case, thanks to the security camera. The intruder was seen just for a moment.

"If it's broken up for scrap that would be a problem. We're worried about that. Possible someone took it--doesn't realize what they had. Just want to return it that would be good, too," said Sgt. Dave Rutt.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward while Third District detectives work on the mystery. 

Trinity Cathedral is the headquarters for the Episcopal Church in all of Ohio. 

"So if we're going to be true to our Christian faith we have to be that way to the people who stole from us," said Rev.Will Mebane.

If you have any information do a good deed and give Crime Stoppers a call at 216-252-7463 that's (216-25-CRIME).

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