Senior Setback: Another obstacle for Kent residents fighting to keep their homes


Several senior citizens are still fighting back over eviction notices they got so developers can make way for student housing.

First a lawsuit and a plea for help from the state and now a setback.

Merle Mollenkopf stood on the sidewalk in protest. The city of Kent told him and several others they could not have their say on city property because they did not have a permit. An email was sent out to council members.

"I say I have a permit it's called the Bill of Rights and the Constitution," said Merle Mollenkopf.

While inside, City Council Sam Jones said he can't believe its come to this.

"I can assemble any place I want. I am a World War Two vet," said Sam Jones.

The 70-something crowd tried to gather outside the meeting to fight eviction from Silver Oaks. By October 1st the residents must all find new homes, student housing will be put in it's place.

And with less than two months to go they have been gathering signatures and wanted their voices heard... 

"It makes no sense these people I have to give them a lot of credit for standing up and fighting back," said Marilyn Holloway.

So why couldn't they protest? We went looking for answers.

"The city charter says this is what we need, if there was some misunderstanding I apologize," said Kent Law Director Jim Silver.

For these folks whether it's fighting for your home or speaking up. None of them think they've been treated fairly.

"We would like to have our respect and dignity on the way out."


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