West Nile Worries: More infected mosquitos are popping up in Ohio


More West Nile infected mosquitoes are turning up in northeast Ohio...and at an alarming rate!

Nearly 100 cases in our area alone. Cuyahoga and Summit Counties are the hardest hit and officials say the number of cases are increasing.

In Cuyahoga County two communities have been targeted because they have higher numbers of West Nile infected mosquitoes and that has prompted the county health department to start spraying.

People at football practice in Forest Hill Park know how bad the mosquitoes are...

"They bad."

"They're bad everywhere."

But it's not just that there are a lot of the little buggers here, it's that in the traps more and more of the winged blood suckers are showing up infected with the West Nile virus.

In Cuyahoga County 10 traps have come up positive with infected mosquitoes in Lorain County five, and in Summit County an astounding 64 traps tested positive.

So in East Cleveland the signs are up and at dark two spray trucks circled the city spraying to kill the suckers but that in and of itself has some concerned.

But county health officials tells 19 Action News that they wouldn't spray if it was dangerous to people or pets. Although they do encourage people to go inside while the truck goes through their neighborhood. Also saying coffee and orange juice are more toxic than what they're spraying.

"As long as my child is in the house I don't care because they are bad out here."

Officials will be spraying in Euclid Thursday night.


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