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It's official, citizens allowed to tape until their hearts content!

Cleveland Police just got new orders when it comes to people videotaping them in action.

Their orders: Leave you alone!

It seems almost everybody now has a cell phone camera and the city doesn't want the kind of trouble we've seen in other places.

Police in Rochester made national headlines. They had words with a woman recording a traffic stop outside her house, even arrested her.

"Citizens do have a right to videotape the actions of cleveland police," said Safety Director Martin Flask.

The Safety Director says he had the chief come up with a policy hoping to avoid what's happened in places like Rochester.

"Just a reminder to our officers that absent any other criminal activity prohibited by law. Any effort by our officers to confiscate or seize video is inappropriate," said Safety Director Martin Flask.

And we should also point out the city often doesn't release videos recorded with city cameras for months, saying they're part of investigations. But now no question about what you shoot.

Officers we spoke with say video almost always helps. It usually showing cops doing the right things.

And don't forget we want your video. See it snap it send it. There's no more reason for you to be nervous about taping.


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