Bench trial for cops accused of assaulting handcuffed prisoner

A bench trial is now underway for two female Cleveland police officers accused of assaulting a prisoner.

The female prisoner was in handcuffs at the time of the alleged abuse.

Officer Addona Perez is charged with six misdemeanors - interfering with civil rights, falsification, obstruction of justice, two counts of assault and obstruction of official business.

Officer Perez allegedly grabbed the handcuffed prisoner by the hair, slapped her in the back of the head and threw her through a steel gate. Perez is also accused of lying to her supervisor about the incident.

Officer Lindsey Bissell is charged with three misdemeanors - interfering with civil rights, assault and dereliction of duty.

Officer Bissell is accused of not stopping the assault.

The incident happened in December of 2010 in the city jail.

Officer Perez is assigned to office duties at the Third District pending the outcome of the criminal case.

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