Soil sample test results in Clyde cancer cluster investigation

(WOIO) - New developments in a story making national headlines.

A cancer cluster in Northwest Ohio. Six children have died, and many others are sick. Federal officials are finally reaching out to the families.

Now, results from more state testing to try to figure out what's killing these innocent children.

19 Action News Reporter Scott Taylor asked the federal EPA to come to Sandusky County and meet with parents of all the sick kids. They came on Thursday night, but didn't present a single new idea on how to solve the deadly mystery.

Parents spent two and half hours with the feds in Fremont. 19 Action News cameras were not allowed in, but parents came out of the meeting and voiced their displeasure. Many parents said they have been hearing the same song and dance for years now.

All of them are glad, however, to see the feds are actually in Sandusky County listening to their concerns for the very first time.

"It's good to see the national EPA involved, I like that part," said Steve Keller, who lost a grandson to cancer. "I thank your station for what you have done. I thought that was good. Pointed out a few things that maybe have fallen on deaf ears that I think they took as good input."

Results from the latest soil testing by the Ohio EPA were given to parents Thursday night. It was released to the public Friday. It doesn't pinpoint a cause and did not test soil at old dumping sites or major companies in and around Clyde.

Click HERE to view the soil sample test results.

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