Health Alert: MRSA invades local football team

A health alert in Geauga County concerning the MRSA staph infection.

Nearly a dozen MRSA cases on a single football team but many more could get sick. As many as 170 kids may have been exposed to the bacteria.

The sickness centers on a youth football league in the southern part of the county.

If officials with the Kenston Community Football Program are right, they have a serious outbreak of the MRSA bacteria on their hands.

A letter was sent home to parents this week. It identifies 11 cases among fifth and sixth graders.

County health officials say while no cases have been confirmed they believe that number is more like five.

The bacteria is spread through direct physical contact like what is seen on the football field. Symptoms can appear as boils, abrasions or spider bites.

In rare cases MRSA can be fatal but usually with proper treatment it goes away with in 10 days.

Contaminated football gear like pads and shoes can help spread MRSA. So as a precaution officials here say they have disinfected the field, locker room and other impacted areas.

Health officials say your best protection is to practice good personal hygiene and also keep an eye out for those symptoms.

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