Browns Sunday: Pat Shurmur's Press Conference

Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur press conference 8-21-11

(Opening statement)- "I know who (Mike Holmgren) the boss is (joking).  I'm well aware of it, I'm glad he is by the way. Coach, for the record, he's been a huge, huge help to me on a lot of different topics.  From things that happen game day to how we do things.  I've got a lot of respect for that and I appreciate everything he does. Today, nothing knew really to add to the injury list from Friday.  Today, Josh Cribbs tweeked his hamstring just a little.  He finished up his day when he felt that hamstring tweek so we'll see where he is with that.  Other than that there wasn't anything to report from the other night.  If you have specific questions I'll answer them.  Practice was good, just like the last two games we put them in pads and I felt like they responded well.  We did some good work, ended with a couple two-minute drills.  Which are good because it makes them think and respond to the quarterback and I thought we had good competition."

(On if he is concerned that Greg Little is going to become a high maintenance situation)- "No, not at all. We talked about that during the game and we've talked about it since.  You get in a situation, I think he's a guy that can be a playmaker for us.  He loves to play the game.  When the lights are the brightest he's one of those guys that just gets into it.  We as coaches will help him in those situations that cropped up Friday night.  No, I don't have any concern and I thoroughly enjoy him.  He's working hard, he's practicing hard and when he gets in the game he loves to play.  We'll just help him with the other stuff.

(On if Little has knocked off all the rust from his one year layoff)- "I tend to think as a young player he's got a lot of growth to make.  I don't know in terms of the rust, but there are still some things that he needs to work on that I think he can get better at.  That's what we're working on here in practice.  When the games start and he gets going, he does some good things."

(On if Evan Moore has a concussion)- "Evan has what I think is considered a mild concussion."

(On injury updates with Eric Steinbach and Brandon Jackson)- "Eric's feeling better.  We're hopeful that he'll be back here real soon and then Brandon Jackson is having his toe evaluated at this point."

(On being concerned with guys having injuries as we get closer to the regular season)- "The injuries and they are coming in spots now,  I think some guys were a little bit knicked up and then they came back and then we've got a couple other guys.  I think we're just going to have to see how it plays out.  The one's that we have for the most part now won't keep some of these guys from being there Week 1.  We just have to deal with the injuries day-to-day in most of these situations.  That's part of it, unfortunately that's the reality of training a team to get ready for the season.  You just hope the ones that you get are not season ending."

(On if he is looking forward to having Montario Hardesty back)- "I am.  I'm looking forward to it.  Each day we've talked about him a great deal.  Each day he looks better and better.  He took a lot of reps today, you saw him working after practice as well.  He's anxious to get back.  I'm looking for him to compete."

(On Hardesty trusting in his knee)- "I think so.  We put him in there and he was in the 9 on 7 drill, he did some things in team where he was running in traffic as well as catching the ball out on the perimeter.  It appears to me like he's getting more and more comfortable with the knee."

(On how Jason Pinkston played against Detroit)- "He did a good job. He stepped in, he didn't start the game, but I want to say he played 47 snaps.  He played most of the first half and into the third (quarter).  I think he showed up pretty well.  Really, for a first big load of work I think he handled it pretty well."

(On D'Qwell Jackson putting his injury in the past)- "I don't know.  Again, I wasn't here a year ago.  I think he's playing really, really good football right now.  He's the leader of that defense.  He's been very productive.  I don't know about injury in the past, but I feel like he's doing a good job.  He's playing a healthy brand of ball right now."

(On Jackson being made for the 4-3 defense)- "I think so.  He's a guy that can move real well.  He's very instinctive.  He can slip a block as well as take one on.  He's nifty enough to match up in pass coverage.  I feel like he's a terrific fit for the way we play."

(On Colt McCoy's performance against the Lions compared to the Packers game)- "I think he made some improvements in some areas.  Each game is different either how we're trying to attack a team or how a team is trying to defend us.  There were some things he did in that game that I thought were good.  There were some mistakes that he made that were either new mistakes or ones that we felt like were very correctable."

(On how close Mohamed Massaquoi is to returning)- "I think he's very close. My understanding is that he'll be out there running here in the next couple of days."

(On if he needs to see more of Massaquoi before he can play Thursday)- "I would say he's probably not going to play Thursday."

(On Dimitri Patterson's performance and the competition at his position)- "I think that group of corners is very competitive.  All of those guys, you see them at practice, and they're a fun group to watch.  I think Dimitri challenges well.  He's obviously got more playing time under his belt than Buster (Skrine).  But in terms of competing, I think they're very comparable.  There's good competition there.  As you know, you have to have multiple corners to play in this league.  I feel good about at least the direction we're going with that group."

(On if Moore might not be ready for this game)- "My understanding is he's feeling fine today.  I don't know exactly.  I haven't heard anything to say he's not."

(On Joe Thomas)- "Joe is a steady guy, which you need from an offensive lineman.  He's a guy that comes out here every day and works.  Every once in a while he can be vocal, I wouldn't say that's his nature to just be exerting himself verbally.  There's time within a practice or within a day when something needs to get said and he'll step right to the front and say it.  I have a great appreciation for what he is as a player and a man.

(On if experimenting with James Dockery at safety is a thing of the past)- "No, I think he's a guy that will probably get some reps there as we go.  With our situation in the game, we needed him there.  We had three safeties that weren't playing.  He did a fairly good job."