Hafner Placed On D-L; Is Thome A Possible Replacement?

Cleveland (WOIO) - The Indians placed designated hitter Travis Hafner on the 15-day disabled list on Monday (foot strain), the same day the Minnesota Twins placed their DH, former Indians star Jim Thome, on trade waivers, immediately raising the question:  should the Indians claim Thome off waivers for the stretch run?

Thome, who recently became the 8th member of baseball's 600-home run club,  began his career with the Tribe in the mid-90's, before leaving for Philadelphia, and more money, in 2002.  Since then he's been booed mercilessly by some Indians fans.

While the Indians need a right-handed bat more than they need Thome at this point, he still packs a big punch, and could fill in for Hafner until teams expand their rosters in September, at which point the Indians could use both.

Thome would have to slide past a lot of teams before the Indians would have the chance to claim him.