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Hurricane Irene is driving up gas prices

Hurricane Irene hasn't even made landfall in the U.S. and gas prices are already rising.

And we're experiencing those effects in northeast Ohio.

Folks pulling into a local gas station are getting a big surprise this weekend.

"I'm about to pay $3.95 for a gallon of gas, that's ridiculous!"

Prices shot up .15 since the beginning of the week!

The reason for the price hike, Hurricane Irene. Even though its hundreds of miles away, oil companies are shutting down refineries in advance of the hurricane and there are concerns our oil and gas supply could be disrupted.

"That's a shame! I mean why if there's a disaster somewhere else why should we get it, ya know?"

 But here's the thing, not everyone believes this line they're feeding us, that the hurricane could disrupt the gasoline supply.

"I don't buy it," said Phil Williams.

Phil Williams watches the news, he reads, he "knows" there are oil reserves that can get us through any rough patch.

"And by the time they use that, the disaster is over and then it's back to normal...they use that as an excuse," said Phil Williams.

But Phil and others know that in the meantime, there's not much we can do except scrimp and save wherever we can.

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