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Carl Monday investigates a Woodmere OVI arrest

Just hours after his arrest in a Cleveland suburb, a suspected drunk driver walked away from potential trouble, no charges!

19 Action News has learned Mario Burton may have two people to thank.

Investigator Carl Monday has the details.

Police from three departments tailed a suspected drunk driver on Chagrin Blvd. When they catch up with Mario Burton, he was alone in the passenger seat of his Monte Carlo, parked behind a building, right across the street from the Woodmere Police Station.

Authorities say he was drunk and did horrible on his field sobriety tests. 

Burton was cuffed and booked on suspicion of drunk driving.

The 41 year old Clevelander told police he was at a party, consuming vodka, cognac and beer. Up for 24 hours straight--- eyes blurry, speech slurred, he refused to take a blood alcohol test, a mandatory suspension of his driver's license.

So why, more than a month after the incident did we find Burton getting into his car and driving away?

Turns out, his license was never suspended. After less than four hours in jail, all charges against Burton were dropped.

After a little digging we found out it was Chief Terrence Calloway, after consulting with the Mayor Charles Smith, who gave the orders to set Burton free. His drunk driving ticket was pulled from police records.

By phone, the mayor would only say that mistakes may have been made during the arrest, and that the arresting officer, Sgt. Colon, got some paid time off as a result.

Several sources are telling Carl Monday that the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department is now investigating the questionable release of the drunk driving suspect in Woodmere.

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