Crime in Akron is down


The overall crime rate in Akron is down 18% from last year. After comparing the number of criminal incidents from last year (January 1 – July 31), to the number of criminal incidents this year during the same time period, Police Chief James Nice reported that overall incidents have decreased significantly, from 7,349 incidents to 6,060 incidents.

Total reported crimes were compared, as well as types of crimes (murder, robbery, sexual assault, aggravated assault, burglary, total theft, motor vehicle theft and arson).  Crime rates were down in five categories: murder (-10%), aggravated assault

(-20%), total theft (-33%), motor vehicle theft (-18%), and arson (-18%).  Crime rates were up in three categories: robbery (+8%), sexual assault (+25%), and burglary (+2%). The largest increase was in the area of sexual assaults, particularly where the victim was under 10 years old.  Total offenses were down a total of -18%.

"Because of the recent senseless shootings in Akron and Copley, it seems that many people believe that crime is rampant in Akron. But that is just not the case. On the whole, crime is actually down," said Chief Nice.

Akron police officers, while not at full strength, are seeing a reduced amount of crime in the neighborhoods. 

"Although our police staffing is reduced at this time, as with all our departments, crime has decreased.  Our police men and women are doing a terrific job covering the incidents we do have, and I am proud of their efforts," said Mayor Plusquellic. "Our police force is made up of dedicated officers who are working hard to serve our City.  The residents of Akron can rest assured that their neighborhoods and families are being protected."


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