43 Forum: Stress Relief & Self-Defense

CLEVELAND (8/21/11) - Sifu Ed Niam and I talked about stress relief and a better quality of life through flexibility and movement.

We discussed how Tai Chi and other exercises  improves ones ability to relieve stress.

We talked about how strengthening ones core muscles and elongating others help the body function better, especially as one ages.

Niam, a martial arts expert, also talked about self-defense and how not to be a victim.

In light of the Anthony Sowell strangulation murders Cleveland area women have become more concerned about personal safety.

Niam talked about how important it is to not look like or act like a victim.

How to walk with confidence and what to do if approached by a would be assailant.

He advised not to leave with an abductor no mater what.

He says abductors tend to murder their victims.  Niam suggests screaming and fighting back, draw attention and run.